Tenuate retard 75 mg

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Tenuate retard 75 mg

Tenuate retard 75 mg is Supportive care for overweight patients with a body mass index of at least 30 who have failed to respond to appropriate weight-loss measures alone.


Adults and children over 12 years of age take 1 tablet of Tenuate Retard once a day.
administration Unless otherwise prescribed, adults and children over 12 years of age take 1 tablet of Tenuate Retard whole in the morning or one hour before lunch with plenty of liquid. It is recommended to carry out the treatment under the supervision of doctors who have experience in the treatment of obesity.
Other organic diseases as the cause of obesity must be diagnostically ruled out before this drug is prescribed.
When treating obesity, a comprehensive concept should be followed that includes dietary, medical and psychotherapeutic methods. Administration in the evening should be avoided as the drug can cause nervousness and insomnia.

Duration of treatment

The duration of treatment is 4-6 weeks and should not exceed three months. If no weight loss is observed after 3-4 weeks, treatment should be discontinued. However, if the weight loss continues during this time, the preparation should not be taken for a total of more than 12 weeks. For treatment beyond 4 weeks, the benefit should be weighed against the possible risk particularly carefully.


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